Annals of the Caliphs' Kitchens: Ibn Sayyar al-Warraq's Tenth-century Baghdadi Cookbook (Islamic History and Civilization)

By Nawal Nasrallah

This English translation of al-Warraqs tenth-century cookbook deals a distinct glimpse into the culinary tradition of medieval Islam. enormous quantities of recipes, anecdotes, and poems, with an intensive creation, a thesaurus, an Appendi and colour representation. Informative and exciting to students and basic readers.

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Upload them to the salt besides (33r) thyme (ßabtar), toasted sesame seeds, toasted hemp seeds (ê9ahd§naj), and pounded (dried) bread,12 God prepared. A recipe for ö9ur§s§nÊ salt:13 Pound and sift high quality andar§nÊ salt. 14 placed it in a ãinjÊr (large copper pot) on slow-burning hearth. Sprinkle on it bitter wine vinegar, little by little, and stir it with the hearth nonetheless burning lower than it until eventually salt turns black. 15 positioned it clear of warmth and allow it calm down. upload [dried] bitter pomegranate seeds, sumac, nigella seeds, sesame seeds, hemp seeds (ê9ahd§naj), anjuù9§n sarÕ9asÊ,16 asafetida root (maÈråt), and different related seasonings. A recipe for [seasoned] salt made for al-RashÊd:17 Take white natural salt and finely grind it. Grind for it asafetida root (maÈråt) and asafetida leaves (anjuù9§n) and stir them into the salt. upload nigella seeds (Èabba sawd§a) part the volume of the salt-mix. permit the seeds be entire. eleven within the Istanbul MS, this recipe is related to be from Kuê9§jim’s replica (fol. 185r). 12 thirteen 14 In Istanbul MS, cheese (‫ )ﺟﺒﻦ‬is pointed out rather than bread (‫( )ﺧﺒﺰ‬fol. 41r). Named after ö9ur§s§n, a province in northeast Persia. high quality, white, translucent crystals of rock salt. See thesaurus, part three. 15 I amend right here the edited textual content with the aid of Istanbul MS (fol. 185r). Tasty dried leaves of white asafetida. Black-leaved asafetida doesn't odor solid. it truly is precious medicinally. 17 The recognized Abbasid caliph of Baghdad (d. 809). sixteen making vinegar and seasonal salt a hundred forty five A recipe for laxative salt (mushil):18 it really is stable for gout (naqris), hemiphlegia (f§laj), facial paralysis (laqwa), arthritis (awj§b al-maf§ßil), illnesses because of chilly and humidity, and spleen-related illnesses. It additionally has a purging energy (yajlå) Take 6 åqiyyas (6 oz) andar§nÊ salt,19 and 12 dirhams (12 oz.) black pepper. additionally take four dirhams (4 oz) of every of the next: zanjabÊl (ginger), dried zåf§ (hyssop), anjuù9§n (leaves of asafetida), bazr al-karafs (celery seeds), s§ù9aj HindÊ (Indian leaf),20 ÿ9§rÊqån (agaricum),21 saqmåny§ (scammony resin),22 Èurf (seeds of backyard cress), and qurãum (safflower seeds). combine, grind, and sift the entire elements. shop them in a pitcher jar (in§a zuj§j) and use as wanted. Ibr§hÊm bin al-MahdÊ has those verses on salt:23 Following decrees of books of drugs, the materials I completely balanced. With it we start our nutrition after the identify of God we invoke, Exalting in His Glory. Of spices, walnut, sesame, nigella, asafetida root (maÈråt), and cardamom (h§l), (34r) Coriander toasted in t§baq,24 sumac and asafetida leaves (anjuù9§n), equivalent elements. And toasted hemp seeds (ê9§hd§naj), thyme, and saffron natural rendered it whole. be aware of that salt left untoasted should not savored. It’s simply by way of toasting and seasoning that it'll be completely flavored. 18 Istanbul MS offers this assertion, “I came upon it within the publication of Galen,” (fol. 85v). I amend the edited recipe with the aid of the Istanbul MS. 19 See n. 14 above. 20 related in aroma to spikenard however it isn't really it. See thesaurus, part 12.

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